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180 Things Your WeddingChicas Antigua Guatemala Wedding Planner Can Do

  1. Figuring out which venue in Antigua Guatemala will fulfill your wedding vision and dream.
  2. Using our specialized knowledge of Antigua Guatemala and personal experience to relieving the bride of all the stressful details on the day.
  3. Advise destination photographers new to Antigua Guatemala about best times and locations to do wedding photo shoots
  4. Help destination photographers with family photo lists so they can spend time taking photos
  5. Carry bridal kit full of items that might be needed on the day (sewing kit, cough candies, breath mints, pins)
  6. Manage crowd control to make sure that tourists don’t walk into your wedding venue or ruin your wedding photos (This happens a lot in Antigua Guatemala because the venues are so stunning and unique)
  7. Organize tuk tuks, shuttles or taxis to get to the wedding, reception or after party safely
  8. Organize couple’s paperwork, contracts and keep copies on hand to make sure all vendors follow through
  9. Come up with a colour scheme and theme
  10. Clean stains/dirt in wedding gown
  11. Steam wedding gown
  12. Deal with Guatemalan police that want to shut your wedding down for noise
  13. Stop the Guatemalan Conservation Officials AKA “The Ruins Nazis” of Antigua Guatemala who want to dictate the exact placement of your decor.
  14. Recommend a venue that fits your budget and ideas
  15. Recommend DJ/band/entertainment or find specialized equipment for foreign DJs
  16. Oversee everything to make sure it runs on time
  17. Recommend floral designer
  18. Recommend décor designers
  19. Set up details (place cards, menus, table numbers, seating chart)
  20. Oversee and run the rehearsal
  21. Help men attach boutonnières
  22. Fix broken boutonnières
  23. Fix fallen hems
  24. Fix broken straps
  25. Last minute prep and fluff of the bride before walking down the aisle
  26. Oversee vendor set up
  27. Bring all vendors together to make sure we all make the same vision come to reality
  28. Assist vendors (did they forget something, need directions, need water, need someone to hold their equipment)
  29. Lead the horse for Indian weddings
  30. Ring the bell for Latin weddings
  31. Design floor plan for reception/ceremony
  32. Set up “reserved” signs/aisle markers for ceremony
  33. Supervise card box and lock it up securely in safe
  34. Pack wedding gifts and any wedding supplies that need to go home at the end of the night in bridal suite
  35. Help with re-application of make-up/carry extra make up if needed
  36. Deal with small medical issues such as: cuts, scrapes, allergies
  37. Pick up forgotten items
  38. Store items
  39. Transport items from ceremony to reception
  40. Check washrooms to make sure they are clean
  41. Sew missing buttons, split dresses, broken bustles
  42. Source vendors/items for last minute issues
  43. Make sure your guests are well taken care of
  44. Help with execution of food service/timing
  45. Provide emotional support
  46. Deal with small family issues and help mediate (I am not a trained therapist, there are limits to this)
  47. Review vendor contracts
  48. Distribute final payments/gratuities
  49. Find last minute seating for guests that forgot to RSVP
  50. Guide bridal party (how to hold bouquet for best photos, where to be, what to do)
  51. Polish shoes
  52. Clean dirt off of shoes
  53. Roll lint off of men’s suits
  54. Fix cake mishaps
  55. Help determine/allocate budget/track budget
  56. Meet with vendors for 2nd opinion
  57. Order/source tents, outdoor toilets
  58. Source/arrange transportation-horse & carriages, limos, luxury cars, buses
  59. Create day of timeline for vendors
  60. Create day of detailed timeline to follow
  61. Help plan and schedule events so they flow well and have enough allocated time
  62. Suggest bridal gown stores and come for appointment (if desired)
  63. Source and make appointments for hair and make-up artists.
  64. Help you choose your music (although I do suggest doing this with your DJ/Band)
  65. Touch base with vendors and address any concerns or issues.
  66. Inform all vendors of addresses and key phone numbers/reconfirm times
  67. Help with assigning seating (although it’s best to be done by the couple who know the guests individually and who should be sitting with whom)
  68. Bustle wedding gown
  69. Book spa treatments
  70. Book hotel blocks
  71. Recommend and book honeymoon
  72. Book guest travel
  73. Assist and let you know proper etiquette
  74. See potential issues before they happen, suggest ways to avoid or make the plans better.
  75. Concoct a story to get random family members from the bridal suite so the bride feels more comfortable and not overwhelmed by everyone in the room.
  76. Grab things the couple/family forgets to buy and/or bring
  77. Plunge toilets when they overflow at the church or venue
  78. Level barrels and tables with mulch, napkins, rocks, etc
  79. Organize fire breathing flair bartender for potential power outages … this guy at an Antigua Guatemala wedding.
  80. Fight (respectfully) any vendors for what the couple requested instead of saying it’s “good enough”.
  81. Be the one to take the blame for your decisions that your family members or guests may not like.
  82. Add fuel to a generator and start up said generator
  83. Setup a whole entire reception in 20 minutes
  84. Store your wedding cake in a cool location so it doesn’t melt, and bring it out when it’s time to cut it.
  85. Make a cake topper.
  86. Make sure that the cake is how it’s supposed to be, and when it’s not, get the baker to fix it…and then fix it themselves too.
  87. Deal with a late cake delivery that didn’t arrive until during the reception and make it so the bride never even knew.
  88. Have a fork, knife, plate, and napkin ready for your cake cutting
  89. Have a damp napkin available during your cake cutting in case you guys decide to smash the cake in your faces.
  90. Physically hold a cake up so it can be cut for photos before toppling to the ground.
  91. Have drinks ready for you and your wedding party after the ceremony.
  92. Lend a car to the ceremony musicians.
  93. Make sure your photographer gets particular photos- namely of things that are important to you.
  94. Steam your linens when they’re super wrinkled.
  95. Figure out an alternative if you are short on napkins/flatware/dishes.
  96. Recreate centerpieces to make up for ones that didn’t turn out or died in the heat.
  97. Go buy more ice/beer/liquor/water/cups/etc when they run out.
  98. Take care of drunk guests
  99. Running interference between other vendors and the couple/family and running interference between the divorced parents that hate each other and are now drunk
  100. Put your cards in a safe place
  101. Move your gifts to the designated person’s car/room
  102. Make sure sparklers get put out properly and don’t light guests or you on fire.
  103. Put out favors at the end of the evening- and make sure guests know to take them.
  104. Place table numbers and/or place cards in the right locations
  105. Make sure correct number of guests are at each table
  106. Make a “rain call” and handle a last minute tent for weather
  107. Serve a dinner buffet because the couple forgot that their backyard wedding catering was just dropped off food and not a staff of people.
  108. Move items so they won’t get rained on.
  109. Make sure you have your requested/needed items at your place setting.
  110. Find the owner of lost items such as jewelry, shoes, cameras, and more.
  111. Keep your vendors on schedule so you can enjoy as much time dancing as possible
  112. Manage and oversee the setup of the onsite kitchens
  113. Gather your bridal party for announcements and special events during the reception.
  114. Tell your vendors when to be ready for toasts and cake cutting so they don’t miss it.
  115. Sew fallen buttons off groomsmen tuxes.
  116. Hold receptacles under your dress so you can use the restroom, and then wipe your butt when all you friends are drunk and you need to pee but your dress is too tight.
  117. Run out in the rain to guide vendors to where they need to park during a backyard wedding to hide all of the cars.
  118. Run to the grocery store and get the FOBs date a meal because the bride didn’t tell the caterer she was gluten free
  119. Fix your whole wedding reception when a tornado-like storm blows through and destroys everything when it’s already setup
  120. Safety pin your bustle back together because it likely WILL fall.
  121. Ask guests not to use iPads or iPhones in the middle of the ceremony aisle (because it will ruin your photos).
  122. Making sure limo drivers actually make it to their location instead of getting lost.
  123. Setting up chairs (or drying them) at the last moment so the couple can be wed outside (when it had previously rained)
  124. Uncorking all the champagne because the caterer is too slow and it’s five minutes until the toast!
  125. Move/fix lights so they will effectively do their job of lighting a location
  126. Clear dishes and scrape plates when your caterer didn’t do it so you don’t get additional charges from your rental company.
  127. Clear fallen branches/moss/debris from your ceremony area when a storm has just rolled through
  128. Sit for 2 hours pulling glades of grass from between the panels of the dance floor, because the dance floor install was done overnight and it looked like mini hedges of grass between all of the cracks in the dance floor.
  129. Have back up plans on top of back up plans in place, and the ability to think on their feet to remedy a situation!
  130. Tailor a groom’s shirt when it arrives in the wrong size
  131.  Sew on buttons for groomsmen .
  132. Coax drunk groomsmen out of the bathroom because they can’t figure out how to unlock the stall door.
  133. Take apart and rebuild an entire bouquet the bride hates.
  134. Create an extra boutonniere(s) when the counts were inaccurate.
  135. Find a solution when you’re short a rental table linen (or any other rental items).
  136. Sew a zipper back into a bridesmaids dress because it broke when getting dressed.
  137. Help bridesmaids/bride/MOB get dressed
  138. Hide a wall that fell apart before the reception
  139. Find an officiant backup when your minister starts threatening to not marry the couple.
  140. Put out fires (literally- people like to mess with the candles on your tables sometimes!)
  141. Keep things going when the power goes out.
  142. Find the extension cord that someone accidentally unplugged, causing half the lights in a tent to go out.
  143. Find and set extra tables during cocktail hour when people who didn’t RSVP show up.
  144. Signal musicians on when to start songs during ceremony
  145. Make an ATM run when the couple forgets to pay vendors
  146. Suggest to parents of children that they tame their kids during special events like the Father of the Bride’s toast
  147. Keep copies of special songs on their phones just in case a DJ who’s confirmed he has everything he needs actually doesn’t.
  148. Wash blood out of a wedding dress because the bride started her period and didn’t realize it and bled ALL OVER her gown.
  149. Help gather/wrangle family for family photos after the ceremony.
  150. Go buy $100 in black extension cords when the lighting company shows up with bright orange
  151. Mop the floor on hands and knees when an ice bin leaks water onto the floor minutes before guests arrive.
  152. Re-fold 150 napkins when the catering staff can’t seem to get it right.
  153. Clean the flower girl’s face with your hand/dress because someone thought it was a good idea to give her candy 30 seconds before the ceremony.
  154. Bus glassware from cocktail tables and ledges when the staff isn’t keeping up.
  155. Battling the caterer to NOT have coffee cups or sugar caddys pre-set on the tables… and removing them when they won’t
  156. Remove the tip jar that the bartenders snuck out (when the client already paid gratuity)
  157. Clean up the bridal suite from “getting ready” when housekeeping didn’t come as planned and is now gone for the day
  158. Decorate the bridal suite and give the bridesmaids credit
  159. Act as an MC when client hired a club DJ who wouldn’t make announcements.
  160. Change a dirty diaper.
  161. Bring extras of everything you said you would bring- just in case you forget.
  162. Clean up your reception in the dark, including hauling trash cans and trash bags
  163. Bring you a pretty hanger for your wedding dress in case you didn’t get one.
  164. Clean up broken glass on the dance floor when everyone is still dancing oblivious to it.
  165. Clean up vomit in a bathroom so that you don’t have to lose your deposit.
  166. Drive people to the ER/do the Heimlich
  167. Pick up dog poop.
  168. Arrange for dance floor to be built within a venue, as Guatemalan authorities won’t allow dancing within protected ruins
  169. Gather groomsmen and bridesmaid gum on their hand seconds before sending them down the aisle.
  170. Come to the rescue with a special balm for chaffing when the brides arms are irritated within thirty minutes of wearing her fully beaded gown
  171. Turn lights up, instruct DJ to announce if there is a Dr in the house, get cold water and iced towel from bar staff, remove bride and groom from the room to keep them from panicking and call 911 when the bride’s great uncle has a heat stroke right after the dance floor opens.
  172. Cut and serve the wedding cake when the couple forgets to add on the cake cutting fee with the caterer.
  173. Fighting with a wedding venue 2 hours before a wedding to convince them to let a DJ play since they just decided that they no longer want to allow any amplified music at their venue.
  174. Fix a broken heel as the bridesmaid was about to walk down the aisle.
  175. Find a fill-in for a vendor who went into labor the day of the wedding.
  176.  Fight (respectfully) any vendors for what the couple requested instead of saying it’s “good enough”.
  177. Be the one to take the blame for your decisions that your family members or guests may not like.
  178. Add fuel to a generator and start up said generator
  179. Take down an entire reception in 50 minutes
  180. Find the right guitarist in Antigua Guatemala for your wedding song
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