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Antigua Guatemala Wedding Venue : La Recolección Wedding

La Recolección Architectural Complex also known simply as “La Recolección”  is a former church and monastery of the Order of the Recollects (Ordo Fratrum Minorum Recollectorum) and its adjacent park in Antigua, Guatemala. It’s hard to fathom how large the Iglesia y Convento de La Recolección must have been before an earthquake destroyed it in the 1700s little more than half a century after it was built. Located on the outskirts of Antigua, Guatemala it is one of many churches in Antigua to be destroyed by earthquakes.

Its remains are like an architectural dinosaur in terms of scale. Perhaps its massive size made it too daunting to rebuild but in the ruins and fallen masonery of it all, you can have your Antigua Guatemala wedding venue in the form of La Recolección wedding and photo shoot. There are stunning backdrops for magical photoshoots and in the evening, you can only imagine the ruins lit up with hundreds of candles and your colors of LED lighting.

Imagine that you can have these backdrops reimagined like these shots from Dave Paek. There are a number of photographers who have done some great photoshoots in the ruins of La Recolección but I definitely like the oversaturated, syrupy palettes that Dave has used.


The beauty of having your own La Recolección wedding is that you get to design and reimagine the ruins and backdrops in any way you and your life partner would like.

Here’s a great shot from Danilo Lopez Perez using the backdrops and atrium in his La Recolección wedding photo shoot. When looking for your Antigua Guatemala wedding venue, be able to use the venue as a backdrop as well as your final location, makes logistics and planning much simpler for you.


I’ve always found that a venue like La Recolección redefines “art of the possible”.

So you want to shoot or plan your La Recoleccion wedding

Get Directions

We can help arrange the venue, plan the wedding, find an experienced photographer & videographer who knows the ruins, lighting and best time of the day to shoot your wedding. In our experience, having foreign photographers/videographers works best when they have a couple days to scout the weather, lighting and topography of the ruins.

If you’re looking to do it yourself, here’s some details that will help you along

  • Getting your dates finalized as far in advance as possible is absolutely critical.
    • Some venues are booked 2 years in advance and you might have to be flexible on your dates, if you leave it to the last minute.

If you’re looking for any help or just to have a chat, we would love to offer our unique North American perspective on how to execute your event flawlessly in the most transparent fashion possible.


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