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Antigua Guatemala Wedding Venue : Convento Santa Clara Wedding

Deciding on a Convento Santa Clara wedding in Antigua Guatemala can be one of the easiest wedding venue decisions you’ll have to ever make. It is a simply stunning location steeped in history and the beautiful facades, gardens and vista make for epic wedding photography.

Built originally in 1705, it was destroyed in the earthquake of 1717. Rebuilt, it was again largely destroyed in the earthquakes of 1773, and the nuns were moved to Guatemala City in 1776. But apparently the Antigua city elders have realized what a potential tourist goldmine they have. Over the 20 years, a considerable amount of restoration work has been accomplished. Most of the rubble has been removed, and beautiful gardens have been planted in the cloister. Working fountains have been restored. The domes in the church are being rebuilt (with steel re-enforcement) and other walls and even a second story are being worked on.

While the setting is simply fantastic, there are numerous hidden room and arches that will allow for magical wedding shots framed by gardens, facades, lighting or a simple blue sky.

In the main atrium, you can make use of all the hidden rooms or arches and alleys to create your own unique look. Utilizing the arches to frame your pictures, there are some wonderful wedding perspectives that can be achieved.


There are so many alternative shots that can also be framed in monotone or sepias to make the perfect Convento Santa Clara wedding shot.

On those bright sunny days, the gardens in the cloister will also make for memorable shots

So you want to shoot or plan your Convento Santa Clara Wedding …

Get Directions

We can help arrange the venue, plan the wedding, find an experienced photographer & videographer who knows the ruins, lighting and best time of the day to shoot your wedding. In our experience, having foreign photographers/videographers works best when they have a couple days to scout the weather, lighting and topography of the ruins.

If you’re looking to do it yourself, here’s some details that will help you along

  • You’ll need to know which section you want to have your event in.
    • Santa Clara is broken up into multiple sections for events and each section has a different price.
  • Getting your dates finalized as far in advance as possible is absolutely critical.
    • Some venues are booked 2 years in advance and you might have to be flexible on your dates, if you leave it to the last minute.

If you’re looking for any help or just to have a chat, we would love to offer our unique North American perspective on how to execute your event flawlessly in the most transparent fashion possible.

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